Wednesday, December 8, 2010

It's about time...

So I ran this morning for the first time completely pain free in quite some time. Granted it was hella slow and only a mile, but a milestone nonetheless (pun completely intended). I've been screwing around with shoes and running form and I think I may have finally gotten it down.

On another run related note, I have started thoroughly planning my Rim to Rim grand canyon run for next september. I have searched a lot of reports, blogs, and even park ranger reports to get as much info as I can. it looks like it will be about 24 miles top to bottom to top. Obviously I'll find an extra 2.2 miles in there somewhere to make it 26.2. The speed record is 3:07...which is roughly 7:45s. Doesn't sound too bad at first until you realize that the run has over 10,000 feet of elevation change. No speed record for me I'm afraid. I figure 10 min miles is probably a good bet. Faster on the way down and across...and crawling up to the top of the south rim.

The run caps with a 7.5 mile ascent out of the canyon with an average gradient of just under 10%. holy free jesus. Guess I'll be running some hills in preparation huh? But when I get to the top I'll get to see this...



  1. Good thing Nashville has a few hills to get you started. ;)

    Welcome to the free blogging world!

  2. thanks cait! Can't wait to see you.