Saturday, February 19, 2011

Another Day Another Dollar

Cross Timbers was great in years past, but I missed it today due to injury. Congrats to everyone who finished...its a heck of a race. Going to get an MRI on Wednesday, who knows what could happen then?

I recently read Born To Run for the 3rd time, and I'm starting to think maybe I'll become my own guinea pig. I now it's optimistic to think that something as simple as footwear and form could solve all my problems...but hey its worth a shot right? Thanks to New Balance and my buddy Ben I have a pretty new pair of shoes to test that theory on! This pictures for all you shoe geeks. New Balance Trail Minimus. 9/4mm heel to toe drop; 7.2 oz mens; vibram outsole w/ an acteva midsole. Tis a true thing of beauty...